Interactive Touchscreens for Assigned Seating at Events

Touchscreen for assigned seating

Touchscreens for Assigned Seating

If you are looking for an new and interesting way for your guests to find their seats at particular tables...then we have your assigned seating solution! Bliss features a live interactive sign-in system via a touchscreen kiosk, designed to take the worry from you, while making it a fun atmosphere for all.

There are many backgrounds to choose from and slideshow pictures are customizable. A Great solution for Weddings, Corporate Functions, and will soon be available to the retail and sports tournament markets.

Touchscreens at Fundraisers

Perfect For Fundraisers and Recognition Evenings

The backgrounds can be customized to acknowledge the sponsors of the evening, or to highlight the honoured recipient. The service can be provided with an employee, or stand-alone if you have a volunteer to assist.

It also includes administrative features buttons that will tell you who has not arrived yet, and show open seats in case extra guests show up.

Wireless Mics and Displays

Easy to Organize, Easy to Use!

Our TableSetter software allows you to input the names in one area, and drag the names over to the appropriate table. It makes it easy to organize, and look at the screen after to see if it makes sense. It will also let you move people around until you are comfortable with your seating plan!

Once all the names and tables are entered, the names are exported into the touchscreen. We then use six pictures as a background slideshow. All the guests will have to do is touch the screen to begin.

Package a touchscreen with a DJ Package for the complete entertainment package!

Everything from check-ins to social media updates and more. Inquire today!

Some Of Our Themes

Winter Snow Theme

Winter Wonderland Theme

Custom Theme for Bridal Ball 2014

Custom Theme For Bridal Ball '14

The Classy Theme

The Classy Theme

Fun On The Beach

Fun On The Beach Theme