Stag and Doe Packages

Stag and Doe Packages

A Stag and Doe can be profitable!

Dynamic Sound has many themes and ideas available to make your stag and doe fun! (and hopefully very profitable). Our clients get a free 7 page "Making the most of your Stag and Doe" brochure. It lists many games and different ways to run them, to make your evening easier. We can even coordinate all the announcements for an all in one solution!

If you have never organized a stag and doe before, don't worry! We are here to help every step of the way.

Music and a Large Twister Board

Music To Make You Move!

Our DJ's play the music to fit your evening, and take requests. While we would love to have a packed dance floor, we are more than happy to see them play your games instead. After all, that is why your guests came. Did we also tell you about our 120 person twister board? Fun is only a phone call away!

Discounts are available if you book your stag and wedding with us. This gives you the maximum exposure to fun, while saving a bit of money in the process.

Stag and Doe Packages

1. Classic 5 Hour-Includes music for 5 hours (either 7-12 or 8-1), all announcements, and our Stag Guide $400.00
2. Classic 6 Hour-Six Hours of Service instead of five (from 7-1), all announcements, and our Stag Guide $450.00

1. 2 Spinning Effect Lights (to Maximize your Fun) $50.00
2. 120 Person Twister Board (for Max Flexible Fun) $90.00
3. Mileage Charge (for County Events)-some limits $40.00

Package your Stag and Doe and Wedding Package for the complete fun package!

No Worries, Great Times, Great Memories. Inquire today!