Audio Video and Multimedia Support

Multimedia For Trade Shows

Dynamic Sound has the tools to make your presentation a success!

When it comes to the perfect presentation, you don't have to look any further. Dynamic Sound provides all types of audio and video support for that presentation or tradeshow!

From microphones to screens...projectors to speakers...We can supply you with industry leading technology for that important presentation!

Multimedia For Conferences

Perfect Presentations

Perfect Presentations start with proper planning. We will work with you to create an atmosphere that is inviting, utilizing professional sound technicians (if applicable) to give you more time to focus on your presentation. Screens of many sizes are available, along with cinema style drape kits. We can also provide pipe and drape backdrops to clean up unsightly areas that you don't want your guests to see!

Infra-Red Powerpoint Clickers are available so you can walk around the room, engaging your audience in the process. Wireless headset mics, lapel mics, and handheld mics are available to suit your preference.

Wireless Mics and Displays

Only Limited by Your Imagination

Whether it is a simple slideshow for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or retirement party...Dynamic Sound can help you successfully create and display your 'memories' for all your guests to see. For school events, such as graduations or school plays, our support can extend from specialty lighting to music to microphones. You are only limited by your imagination!

Interactive Touchscreens are coming soon to complete the tradeshow package. You can use them for seating arrangements, seminar lists, check-ins, social media updates, and much more. Please ask our staff for more information.

All products are available - please ask if you don't see it listed!

Working with you to create success! Contact us today!